Package "trill_on_swish" -- TRILL on SWISH on CliopatriaNot satisfied

author:Riccardo Zese
submitted by:<>
submitted at:Thu, 08 Jun 2017 16:46:24 CEST
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Make the TRILL on SWISH package available as a ClioPatria cpack. In order to run TRILL on SWISH you have to install before TRILL usign the command pack_install(trill) in a SWI Prolog console.

To install it download it here, put the folder in Cliopatria/cpack and run the goal cpack_configure(trill_on_swish) in the Cliopatria's console.

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2 months agorzeseUpdates for compatibility with TRILL v. 4.1.0HEADmaster
12 months agorzeseFixed an error that does not allowed to search ...
1 year, 1 month agorzeseadded property_value query
1 year, 1 month agorzesefile ttl updated - URLs now work
1 year, 1 month agorzesefile ttl updated

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