SWI-Prolog is a Prolog implementation that specifically aims at large and real-world applications.

SWISH is a limited subset of SWI-Prolog!

SWI-Prolog provides rich libraries for web programming, RDF handling, database access, networking, etc. We can not expose the full system in the web version for various reasons, security being the most important. If you want to work on a real application, download your own copy of SWI-Prolog.

So, why then this online version?

Well, the online version can offer things that a local copy can not. Here are some examples.

The future of the online version

The current online version is an early prototype. We have several plans with it. If you are not impressed, please visit this page again in a couple of months. These are the main plans:

Please be patient or contribute to SWISH at GitHub