SWI-Prolog is a Prolog implementation that specifically aims at large and real-world applications. TRILL is implemented to pursue the same objective.

TRILL on SWISH is designed for developing and experimenting with the system, also in a collaborative way. It is based on SWISH, a limited subset of SWI-Prolog!

If you want to work on a real application, download your own copy of SWI-Prolog.

So, why then this online version?

Well, the online version can offer things that a local copy can not. Here are some examples.

The future of the online version

The current online version is based on SWISH, TRILL on SWISH will be maintained up to date with it. These are the main plans for SWISH:

WARNING: if you are using Cliopatria, at the moment you cannot have installed both TRILL on SWISH and SWISH. We are working to allow you to install both on the same installation of Cliopatria. If you need both the application you can use the standalone versions. However, with TRILL on SWISH you can execute Prolog queries as in standard SWISH.

Please be patient or contribute to TRILL on SWISH at GitHub