Keyboard shortcuts

";", <space>Next
".", <Enter>Stop
"a", <Esc>Stop or abort
<F1>Help (this page)

Running states

Living states
Running The query has been sent to the server and is being executed. This state is indicated by the rotating icon.
Wait next The query succeeded with a choice point and waits for the user, providing the options Next (give me another answer) and Stop (I'm happy and I don't want any more anwers).
Wait input The query called read/1 and waits for user input. The runner shows an input element. The user must type a valid Prolog term and press Enter.
Completed (dead) states
True The query succeeded and there are no more answers.
False The query failed.
Error The query terminated due to a runtime error (exception).
Stopped The user selected Stop
Aborted The query was aborted by the user.

Note that at maximum, three queries can be open at the same time. If the limit is exceeded you must first stop some queries, either by clicking the Stop button, closing the query window or using the menu at the top-right of the query window do stop or clear all open queries.

Get results as CSV or through an API

Variable bindings can be downloaded as CSV using the button at the top-right of a runner or using an appropriate client library to access the web API. See the Help/help ... for details.