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This file provides a tokenizer for JavaScript (EcmaScript). This code supports the quasi quotation syntax javascript, defined in library(http/js_write).

See also
- is used for the high-level syntax.
- is used for implementing the tokenization code.
Source js_token(-TokenType)//
Matches and classifies the next JavaScript token.
 token(-Type) is semidet[private]
Get the next token from the input. Fails when encountering the end of the input.
- syntax_error(Culprit)
Source comment// is semidet[private]
Source string_literal// is semidet[private]
Matches a string literal
Source numeric_literal//[private]
Matches JavaScript notion of a numeric constant
Source regex_literal// is semidet[private]
Matches regex expression /.../flags
Source q_codes//[private]
Shortest list of quoted characters.