All predicatesShow -- Represent Prolog terms as HTML

This file is primarily designed to support running Prolog applications over the web. It provides a replacement for write_term/2 which renders terms as structured HTML.

Source term(@Term, +Options)// is det
Render a Prolog term as a structured HTML tree. Options are passed to write_term/3. In addition, the following options are processed:
Used for atomic values. Typically this is used to render a single value.
If a float is rendered, it is rendered using format(string(S), Format, [Float])
To be done
- Cyclic terms.
- Attributed terms.
- Portray
- Test with Ulrich's write test set.
- Deal with numbervars and canonical.
Source compound(+Compound, +Options)// is det[private]
Process a compound term.
Source arg_options(+Options, -OptionsOut) is det[private]
Source arg_options(+Options, +Extra, -OptionsOut) is det[private]
Increment depth in Options.
Source args(+Arg0, +Arity, +Compound, +Options)//[private]
Emit arguments of a compound term.
Source list(+List, +Options)//[private]
Emit a list. The List may have an unbound tail.
Source is_op1(+Name, -Type, -Priority, -ArgPriority, +Options) is semidet[private]
True if Name is an operator taking one argument of Type.
Source operator_module(-Module, +Options) is det[private]
Find the module for evaluating operators.
Source op1(+Type, +Pri, +Term, +ArgPri, +Options)// is det[private]
Source op2(+Pri, +Term, +Type, +LeftPri, +RightPri, +Options)// is det[private]
Source op_arg(+Term, +Options)// is det[private]
Source embrace(+HTML)//[private]
Place parenthesis around HTML with a DOM that allows to easily justify the height of the parenthesis.
 space(@T1, @T2, +C1, +C2, +Options)//[private]
Emit a space if omitting a space between T1 and T2 would cause the two terms to join.
Source end_code_type(+Term, +Class, -Code, Options)[private]
True when code is the first/last character code that is emitted by printing Term using Options.
Source dict(+Term, +Options)//[private]
Source primitive(+Term, -Class) is semidet[private]
True if Term is a primitive term, rendered using the CSS class Class.
Source primitive_class(+Class0, +Value, -String, -Class) is det[private]
Fixup the CSS class for lexical variations. Used to find quoted atoms.
Source finalize_term(+Term, +Dict)// is det[private]
Handle the full_stop(Bool) and nl(Bool) options.