PublicShow -- ClioPatria RDF data browser

This module implements basic browsing of an RDF repository. This is not intended to be used as an end-user application, but for the developer to gain insight in the data in the RDF store. That said, the distinction between end-user and developer can be rather vague if we consider `back-office' applications. To a certain extend, back-office applications are considered within the scope of this module and therefore it provides several hooks and defines several `components' that allow back-office applications to reuse this infrastructure.

See also
- cliopatria(hooks) for available hooks.
Source graph_info(+Graph)//
HTML component that shows -statistical- properties about the given named graph.
Source graph_actions(+Graph)// is det
Provide a form for basic actions on the graph
Source graph_as_resource(+Graph, Options)// is det
Show resource info for a graph if it is described.
Source list_resource(+URI, +Options)// is det
Component that emits the `local view' for URI. The local view shows the basic properties of URI, the context in which is appears and the graphs from which the information is extracted. Options is one of:
Limit properties in the table to the given graph
One of default or none.

Calls the hook cliopatria:list_resource//2. For compatibility reasons, it also tries the hook cliopatria:list_resource//1.

See also
- list_resource/1 is the corresponding HTTP handler. The component rdf_link//1 creates a link to list_resource/1.
Source context_graph(+URI, +Options)// is det
Show graph with the context of URI. Options is passed to cliopatria:context_graph/3 and cliopatria:node_shape/3. Two options have special meaning:
If this option is not specified, it is passed as a variable. It can be tested or filled by cliopatria:context_graph/3 and subsequently used by cliopatria:node_shape/3.
Passed to cliopatria:node_shape/3 to indicate the origin of the context graph.
Source shape(+Start, +Options, +URI, -Shape, +GVOptions) is semidet
Specify GraphViz shape for URI. This predicate calls the hook cliopatria:node_shape/3.
Source bag_shape(+Options, +Members, -Shape) is semidet
Compute properties for a bag