ClioPatria applications

A application in ClioPatria speech is an HTPP handler and accompanying predicate that produces a complete HTML page

Applications typically make use of components that are defined in the directory ../components.

Prolog files  -- ClioPatria administrative interfaceShow source
change_password_form/3HTML component that shows a form for changing the password for UserID.Source  -- ClioPatria RDF data browserShow source
bag_shape/3Compute properties for a bag.Source
context_graph/4Show graph with the context of URI.Source
graph_actions/3Provide a form for basic actions on the graph.Source
graph_as_resource/4Show resource info for a graph if it is described.Source
graph_info/3HTML component that shows -statistical- properties about the given named graph.Source
list_resource/4Component that emits the `local view' for URI.Source
shape/5Specify GraphViz shape for URI.Source  -- ClioPatria configuration interfaceShow source
user.plShow source
yasgui.plShow source
has_yasgui/0True if the YASGUI SPARQL editor is installed.Source