PublicShow -- Basic user (developer) interaction

This module contains the main front-end of ClioPatria. It notably provides the HTTP-handlers for / and /home:

This handler, with id=root, redirects either to /home (id=home) or to id=create_admin. The latter is issued if there is no initialised user-db.
Provides the default welcome page of ClioPatria.

If one develops an application on top of ClioPatria, it is adviced to redefine the handler for home, as in:

:- http_handler('/welcome', home, []).

home(Request) :-

If the application wants to provide a link to the generic ClioPatria administrative interface, it can do so by linking to the id=admin, as in:

    { http_link_to_id(admin, [], AdminRef) },
    html(a(href(AdminRef), admin)),