ClioPatria components

A component is a DCG rule (-->) to be used with html//1 to produce part of an HTML page. Components are designed to be stand-alone as far as possible. Notably, they use html_requires//1 to pull in required script and CSS files.

The components here are designed for the ClioPatria developers UI. Most of them are rather simple. They may be adequate for prototyping and developer's needs, but are generally inadequate for end-user UIs.

Components are used by applications. The ClioPatria applications are in the directory ../applications.

Prolog files  -- Simple Small HTML componentsShow source
form_input/4Building blocks for HTML forms.Source
form_submit/3Building blocks for HTML forms.Source
hidden/4Create a hidden input field with given name and value.Source
insert_html_file/3Insert the content of an HTML file into the current document.Source
n/4HTML component to emit a number.Source
nc/4Numeric cell.Source
nc/5Numeric cell.Source
odd_even_row/5Create odd/even alternating table rows from a DCG.Source  -- Render RDF-graphsShow source
graphviz_graph/4Display an RDF graph graphical in the browser.Source  -- Support for showing labelsShow source
rdf_link/3Make a hyper-link to an arbitrary RDF resource or object using the label.Source
rdf_link/4Make a hyper-link to an arbitrary RDF resource or object using the label.Source
resource_link/2Generate a link to display more information about a resource.Source
turtle_label/3HTML rule to emit an RDF term (resource or object) in turtle-like notation with CSS classes.Source  -- ClioPatria menu-barShow source
cp_menu/2HTML Components that emits the ClioPatria menu.Source  -- Run goals that produce messagesShow source
after_messages/1Close the message window and emit HTML.Source
call_showing_messages/2Execute Goal, showing the feedback in the browser.Source  -- Forms for entering SPARQL and SeRQL queries.Show source
query_form/3HTMP component for an interactive (SPARQL) query-form.Source
query_script/2Inserts the <script> holding JavaScript functions that restore the queries.Source
store_query/3Store the SPARQL/SeRQL Query under Name in the current session.Source
store_recall/4Creates a table-row (tr) holding a `store' and `recall' element.Source  -- Server statistics componentsShow source
http_server_pool_table/2Display table with statistics on thread-pools.Source
http_server_statistics/2HTML component showing statistics on the HTTP server.Source
http_session_table/2HTML component that writes a table of currently logged on users.Source
rdf_call_statistics_table/2Display table with RDF-call statistics.Source  -- Simple literal searchShow source
search_filter/2True if Filter holds for Resource.Source
simple_search_form/2Provide a search form to find literals in the database.Source
simple_search_form/3Provide a search form to find literals in the database.Source