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Source simple_search_form// is det
Source simple_search_form(+Options)// is det
Provide a search form to find literals in the database. Options processed:
Identifier-base for the search-box. The actual box is called ID_<complete>
Restrict results to resources that satisfy filter. Filtering is implemented by search_filter/2.
ID of the handler called if the user selects a completion. The handler is called with q=<Selected>
ID of the handler called if the user submits using the button. The handler is called with q=<Typed>
Label of the search-button. Default is Search.
Initial value of the search-box
Width of the input box (default is 25em). Must be a CSS width.
Source autocomplete(+HandlerID, +Options)// is det[private]
Insert a YUI autocomplete widget that obtains its alternatives from HandlerID. The following Options are supported:
Specify the width of the box. Width must satisfy the CSS length syntax.
Wait until no more keys are typed for Seconds before sending the query to the server.
Source expand_value(ValueIn, Value)[private]
Allow for e.g., p(q) to use the value from the HTTP-parameter q.
Source ac_find_literal(+Request)[private]
Perform autocompletion for literals and resources. The reply is a JSON object that is normally used in a YUI autocomplete widget.
Source ac_objects(+How, +Query, +Filter, -Objects)[private]
Objects- is a list of Text-Count pairs
Source ac_object(+How, +Query, +Filter, -Object)[private]
Source search_filter(+Filter, +Resource) is semidet
True if Filter holds for Resource. Defined filters are:
Always true
The triple providing the literal must reside in Graph.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source simple_search_form(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3)