All predicatesShow -- JSON Representation for RDF graphs

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Source graph_json(+Graph, -JSON) is det
JSON is a Prolog JSON object representing Graph.
Graph- is a list of rdf(S,P,O)
See also
- json_write/3 for serializing JSON
 graph_to_json(+Pairs:property-values, -JSON) is det[private]
JSON is a prolog json term of grouped Pairs.
Source objects_to_json(+Objects:list(rdf_object), -JSON) is det[private]
Convert all objects in Rs to a JSON term.
Source rdf_object_to_json(+RDFObject, -JSON) is det
Convert an RDF Object to a JSON term. RDFObject can be a term bnode(NodeID). RDFObject is not allowed to be a blank-node.
- type_error(rdf_resource, BNode) if RDFObject is a blank node.
Source literal_to_json(+Literal, -Text, -Attributes)[private]
Extract text and Attributes from Literal object.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source properties_to_json(Arg1, Arg2)