PublicShow -- ClioPatria skin

This page defines the overall layout of ClioPatria pages. All pages are returned using reply_html_page/3, using the page class cliopatria(Id), where Id is currently always default. Pages can be redefined by providing a rule for user:body//2, where the first argument must unify with the page class.

The default skin provides the overall menu, a simple search form, the content and the `server-address'. Because the search-form uses the YUI autocomplete widgets, the body must include class yui-skin-sam. The default body has the classes yui-skin-sam and cliopatria.

The default skin provided by this can be overruled using two hooks:

Emit a page from the given content. This hook can be used to modify the overall page layout beyond what can be achieved with CSS.
Write the address of the server.

This library also provides building blocks, notably for server_address//0:

Presents the version info and a link to a GIT module.
Presents a link to the documentation of a page if the self-documentation facilities are loaded. See

The CSS file css('cliopatria.css') contains the ClioPatria style that is makes ClioPatria look pretty to our eyes, but is not essential. The plugin config-available/ contains example code to extend the ClioPatria skin.

Source user:body(+Style, :Body)// is det[multifile]
The multi-file implementation defines the overall layout of HTML pages with the Style cliopatria(_).
Source server_address(+Component)//
HTML component that emits the default ClioPatria address link. This provides a link to the ClioPatria home page and the (GIT) version information. ClioPatria is registered with the GIT module ClioPatria and the default server address is provided by calling:
See also
- register_git_module/2 for registering a GIT module.
Source current_page_doc_link//
Create a link to the documentation (and from there to the implementation) of this page. This link is created only if the library applications(help/http_help) is loaded.