Customizing the Context Graph

The local view contains a graph that displays the target resource in its context. The graph is implemented by the HTML component context_graph//2, which in turn uses graphviz_graph//2. It can be customised by defining the following hooks:

In addition, graphs may be customized by adding certain properties to their schema. To make this work, the application must load ontologies/tool/graphviz.ttl. Below is a Turtle example to vizualise verbs in the output from the Alpino dependency parser.

@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix alpino: <> .
@prefix graphviz: <> .

    graphviz:shape "box3d" ;
    graphviz:style "filled" ;
    graphviz:fillcolor "#fff48f" ;
    graphviz:hideType true .
See also
- An example for showing the Europeana EDM is given in examples/customise/
- defines GraphViz supported shapes.