Installing the pirates demo

This page explains the preparations you need for running the demo.

Installing the demo on Windows

You need the following components installed:

  1. SWI-Prolog (It is adviced to install the development version).
  2. The GIT version control system is needed to download ClioPatria and install the demo package.
  3. Graphzviz is needed to render RDF graphs. This also requires an SVG capable browser such as Firefox or IE9. Notable IE before version 9 will not work.

Step (2) above created a desktop-icon named Git bash. Open this. This creates a GIT shell in your personal folder. Install ClioPatria into Documents and create a folder for running this demo using the commands below the Git shell-windows. In the example we use your Documents folder, but you can download ClioPatria and create the Pirates folder anywhere you like.

$ cd Documents
$ git clone
$ mkdir Pirates

Use the Windows explorer and enter the created ClioPatria folder. Open win-config.exe. If it prompts for a directory, specify the above created Pirates folder. Setup initializes a new ClioPatria project in the target folder. Use the Windows explorer, enter the pirates folder and open This loads ClioPatria and starts the ClioPatria web-server. Your firewall will probably complain. Authorize web-access to SWI-Prolog.

Installation on other systems

Getting the required software (Prolog, GIT and Graphviz) differ from system to system. We gathered some information for Linux distributions. One you have the software, a few commands in a terminal do the trick:

$ git clone
$ mkdir Pirates
$ cd Pirates
$ ../ClioPatria/configure --with-localhost
$ ./

The remainder of this tutorial applies to all systems.

Initial configuration (all systems)

Use your browser and open http://localhost:3020/. On first visit it requires you do specify a password for the admin user. Use a password of at least six characters long.

On Windows, open Admin/plugins, switch localhost to link and click Update configuration. This tells the system that its primary access is localhost. Using localhost enables some additional development features and allows us to use the Google maps API without obtaining a key from Google.

Finally, we need to install the pirates package that provides the demo data and some additional utilities. This package is installed from the Prolog window using the command below. This step requires GIT installed.

?- cpack_install(pirates).

You are now ready to explore the pirates domain.

With ClioPatria running, you can also examine this tutorial text from your local installation. See the Help/Tutorial entry of the ClioPatria toolbar in your browser.

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To be done
- The setup could be streamlined if setup/configure would allow selecting plugins.