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"Package description goes here. You can use PlDoc markup. "8
"The package description goes here. You can use PlDoc Wiki markup. "5
" Amalgame provides a web-based interactive platform for creating, analyzing and evaluating vocabulary alignments. It aims to support domain experts to make alignments interactively. To realize this it focuses on simple alignment techniques which the user understand and knows how to use, and which are sufficiently fast to be used in an interactive session. Amalgame keeps track of all the provenance related information, so that mapping experiments can be replicated later, and other users can explore the context that played a role in creating the mappings. Amalgame is implemented by using common web technology on the client (e.g. HTML,CSS,AJAX and the YUI toolkit) and SWI-Prolog's ClioPatria platform on the server. This work was partially supported by the PrestoPRIME and EuropeanaConnect projects. "1
" Make the [TRILL on SWISH](https://github.com/friguzzi/trill_on_swish) package available as a ClioPatria _cpack_. In order to run TRILL on SWISH you have to install before TRILL usign the command _pack_install(trill)_ in a SWI Prolog console. To install it download it [here](https://github.com/friguzzi/trill_on_swish), put the folder in Cliopatria/cpack and run the goal _cpack_configure(trill_on_swish)_ in the Cliopatria's console. "1
" Package with an extensible set of heuristics for detecting problems in RDF data. Defines a Web interface on http://servername/qa_index. "1
"Frontend of the Accurator annotation system."1
"Image annotation package with thesaurus-based autocompletion with configurable search fields. "1
"Library to version RDF named graphs. In the normal GIT model every commit object refers to a tree object, which represents a complete snapshot of the project directory tree. Trees are recursive structures of other tree objects (subdirectories) and hashes of blobs (storing the contents of files in the dir). In this library every commit also refers to a tree object, but this represents a complete snapshot of all tracked named graphs in the triple store. A tree thus describes the urls of the named graphs with hashes of the blobs which store the actual triples of each named graph. The backend storage is by default done in a normal git repo, but this can be switched to a triple-based storage model where each git object is represented by a named graph in the triple store (node that this can lead to many named graphs). The current implementation naively copies entire graphs, which is fine in the git backend, which is build to deal with this. It explodes, however, when blobs are materialized into RDF. We will need to look into smarter solutions for this later. "1
"Manage and view local accounts as FOAF profiles "1
"Open Provenance Model Schema "1
"PROV-O Schema/ontology "1
"Package description goes here. You can use markdown. Make the SWI-Prolog [SWISH](https://github.com/SWI-Prolog/swish.git) package available as a ClioPatria _cpack_. SWISH brings a Prolog interface to ClioPatria, providing: - Ask RDF queries about our data - Make example programs available about your data - Save an example program and share it with anyone on the web - Collaborate on a program using [TogetherJS](https://togetherjs.com/) - Manage a server remotely from the Prolog shell (requires login with `admin` rigths). "1
"Package to simplify the use of YUI3 in Cliopatria apps, including switching from remote to local deployment of YUI3. "1
"Search by keyword for RDF literals, traverse the RDF graph to link these literals to resources of a given type, and use the paths to cluster the results. The underlying graph search and clustering algoritm is the one underlying the MultimediaN demo than won the Semantic Web Challenge 2006, see http://e-culture.multimedian.nl/news/iswc2006-press-release.html "1
"The Cluster Search UI is a Bootstrap enabled interface to the Cluster Search algorithm. "1
"The XML to RDF convertor allows for importing XML as RDF using two steps: 1. A generic translation from XML to RDF. This generally needs no configuration but it allows for a few parameters: - Define the primary record element - Define the target namespace - Define elements that must be kept as XMLLiteral 2. Preform a rewrite on the generated graph using a Prolog based rewrite language. "1
"The command package provides a commandline interface for ClioPatria. It consists of two parts: the server-side API and a client program. The client program allows for loading and unloading data, asking SPARQL queries, etc. "1
"The isearch package provides an interactive search application, including facetted search. "1
"The jQuery package provides the jQuery files as well as library(jquery), which deals with dependency handling between jQuery resources and will also contain utilities to simplify jQuery interaction. "1
"This cpack implements the [RDF semantics](https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/rdf/raw-file/default/rdf-mt/index.html) as defined by RDF 1.1. In particular it implement running the test suite. To run the test suite, proceed as follows: 1. Install [SWI-Prolog](http://www.swi-prolog.org) version 7.1.4 2. Install [ClioPatria](http://cliopatria.swi-prolog.org) from git 3. Configure a new ClioPatria project 4. Run the project and run == ?- cpack_install('rdf-mt'). == 5. Load the manifest using == ?- load_manifest(remote). == 6. Run the test suite using == ?- run_tests. == All tests succeeded using the suite dated Dec 17, 2013. "1
"This library deals with accessing external web-resources: extracting meta-data such as existence, manage thumbnails, etc. "1
"This package combines various ClioPatria packages to establish the Europeana Semantic Layer prototype. @see http://semanticweb.cs.vu.nl/europeana/home @see http://www.europeana.eu "1
"This package creates a datacload (see e.g., http://richard.cyganiak.de/2007/10/lod/) dynamically based on the data loaded into the current ClioPatria image. Nodes are defined by the Manifest files as used by library(semweb/rdf_library). Each entry tagged using rdf:type as =|lib:CloudNode|= is added, where all triples from graphs referenced from this entry are counted. "1
"This package is intended to collect libraries compute statistics over various datasets. It is currently almost empty. "1
"This package manages a CPACK package repository. "1
"This package provides RDF data, RDF prefix declaration and some utility predicates for the Linked Open Piracy demo. "1
"This package provides a collection of libraries to deal with OWL related tasks, mostly reasoning with OWL-properties. "1
"This package provides convienient loading of the skos and skos-xl RDF schemas. In addition, it proves a small prolog API to some frequent query patterns. "1
"This package provides hooks to make ClioPatria show objects that are annotated with the RDA Group 2 Elements better. "1
"This package provides the FOAF schema. The default configuration installs the =foaf= prefix for use in Prolog and ensures that the schema is loaded in the RDF store. "1
"This package provides the Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets (VoID) schema. The default configuration installs the =void= prefix for use in Prolog and ensures that the schema is loaded in the RDF store. "1