ClioPatria: the SWI-Prolog RDF toolkit

ClioPatria is a SWI-Prolog application that integrates SWI-Prolog's the SWI-Prolog libraries for RDF and HTTP services into a ready to use (semantic) web server. The core server has an integrated package manager that allows distributing and using add-on libraries: CPACK.

The development of ClioPatria started within the MultimediaN project, where it formed the core of the a semantic search demonstrator that won 1st price in the ISWC2006 application contest [1]. With the current ClioPatria, we stripped the functionality to the basics and provide the CPACK system for extending it. We intend to continue with the development for a long time.

[1] G. Schreiber, A. Amin, M. van Assem, V. de Boer, L. Hardman, M. Hildebrand, L. Hollink, Z. Huang, J. van Kersen, M. de Niet, B. Omelayenko, J. van Ossenbruggen, R. Siebes, J. Taekema, J. Wielemaker, and B. Wielinga. MultimediaN E-Culture Demonstrator. In The Semnantic Web - ISWC 2006, Athens, Georgia, volume 4273 of LNCS, pages 951-958. Springer Verlag, November 2006. Winner Semantic Web Challenge 2006,