Package "skos" -- SKOS schema and librariesOK

author:Jan Wielemaker
submitted at:Sat, 23 Sep 2017 14:29:44 UTC
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This package provides convienient loading of the skos and skos-xl RDF schemas. In addition, it proves a small prolog API to some frequent query patterns.

Recent changes

9 years agoJacco van Ossenbruggenmake skos_in_scheme/2 and skos_in_scheme/3 mul ...HEAD -> master
10 years agoJacco van OssenbruggenPLDOC: skos_match/5.
10 years agoJacco van OssenbruggenFIXED: depedency error on amalgame namespace i ...
10 years agoJacco van OssenbruggenADDED: skos_match/5, moved from amalgame
10 years agoJacco van Ossenbruggenmore skos creating stuff moved from amalgame t ...

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