Table for the 93 triples for predicate rdfs:comment with domain rdfs:Class

cpack:API"An API serves data as JSON and/or XML"
dcterms:Agent"A resource that acts or has the power to act."@en-US
foaf:Agent"An agent (eg. person, group, software or physical artifact)."
dcterms:Agent Class"A group of agents."@en-US
owl:AllDifferent"The class of collections of pairwise different individuals."
owl:AllDisjointClasses"The class of collections of pairwise disjoint classes."
owl:AllDisjointProperties"The class of collections of pairwise disjoint properties."
rdf:Alt"A collection of alternatives."@en
owl:Annotation"The class of annotated annotations for which the RDF serialization consists of an annotated subject, predicate and object."
owl:AnnotationProperty"The class of annotation properties."
owl:AsymmetricProperty"The class of asymmetric properties."
owl:Axiom"The class of annotated axioms for which the RDF serialization consists of an annotated subject, predicate and object."
rdf:Bag"An unordered collection."@en
dcterms:Bibliographic Resource"A book, article, or other documentary resource."@en-US
owl:Class"The class of OWL classes."
rdfs:Class"The class of classes."
rdfs:Class"The concept of Class"
cpack:ClioPatria Prolog file"Prolog source file from the ClioPatria library"
rdfs:Container"The class of RDF containers."
rdfs:Container"This represents the set Containers."
rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty"The class of container membership properties, rdf:_1, rdf:_2, ..., all of which are sub-properties of 'member'."
rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty"The container membership properties, rdf:1, rdf:2, ..., all of which are sub-properties of 'member'."
owl:DataRange"The class of OWL data ranges, which are special kinds of datatypes. Note: The use of the IRI owl:DataRange has been deprecated as of OWL 2. The IRI rdfs:Datatype SHOULD be used instead."
rdfs:Datatype"The class of RDF datatypes."
rdfs:Datatype"The class of datatypes."@en
owl:DatatypeProperty"The class of data properties."
owl:DeprecatedClass"The class of deprecated classes."
owl:DeprecatedProperty"The class of deprecated properties."
foaf:Document"A document."
dcterms:File Format"A digital resource format."@en-US
dcterms:Frequency"A rate at which something recurs."@en-US
owl:FunctionalProperty"The class of functional properties."
cpack:GIT Repository"Repository hosted by GIT"
foaf:Group"A class of Agents."
cpack:Ignore file"File holding patterns of files to be ignored by xref"
foaf:Image"An image."
owl:InverseFunctionalProperty"The class of inverse-functional properties."
owl:IrreflexiveProperty"The class of irreflexive properties."
dcterms:Jurisdiction"The extent or range of judicial, law enforcement, or other authority."@en-US
foaf:Label Property"A foaf:LabelProperty is any RDF property with texual values that serve as labels."
dcterms:License Document"A legal document giving official permission to do something with a Resource."@en-US
dcterms:Linguistic System"A system of signs, symbols, sounds, gestures, or rules used in communication."@en-US
rdf:List"The class of RDF Lists"@en
rdfs:Literal"The class of literal values, eg. textual strings and integers."
rdfs:Literal"This represents the set of atomic values, eg. textual strings."
dcterms:Location"A spatial region or named place."@en-US
dcterms:Location, Period, or Jurisdiction"A location, period of time, or jurisdiction."@en-US
dcterms:Media Type"A file format or physical medium."@en-US
dcterms:Media Type or Extent"A media type or extent."@en-US
dcterms:Method of Accrual"A method by which resources are added to a collection."@en-US
dcterms:Method of Instruction"A process that is used to engender knowledge, attitudes, and skills."@en-US
owl:NamedIndividual"The class of named individuals."
owl:NegativePropertyAssertion"The class of negative property assertions."
owl:ObjectProperty"The class of object properties."
foaf:Online Account"An online account."
foaf:Online Chat Account"An online chat account."
foaf:Online E-commerce Account"An online e-commerce account."
foaf:Online Gaming Account"An online gaming account."
owl:Ontology"The class of ontologies."
owl:OntologyProperty"The class of ontology properties."
foaf:Organization"An organization."
dcterms:Period of Time"An interval of time that is named or defined by its start and end dates."@en-US
foaf:Person"A person."
foaf:PersonalProfileDocument"A personal profile RDF document."
dcterms:Physical Medium"A physical material or carrier."@en-US
dcterms:Physical Resource"A material thing."@en-US
dcterms:Policy"A plan or course of action by an authority, intended to influence and determine decisions, actions, and other matters."@en-US
foaf:Project"A project (a collective endeavour of some kind)."
cpack:Prolog file"Prolog source file"
cpack:Prolog system file"Prolog source file from the Prolog system library"
rdf:Property"The concept of a property."
dcterms:Provenance Statement"A statement of any changes in ownership and custody of a resource since its creation that are significant for its authenticity, integrity, and interpretation."@en-US
owl:ReflexiveProperty"The class of reflexive properties."
rdfs:Resource"The class resource, everything."
owl:Restriction"The class of property restrictions."
dcterms:Rights Statement"A statement about the intellectual property rights (IPR) held in or over a Resource, a legal document giving official permission to do something with a resource, or a statement about access rights."@en-US
rdf:Seq"An ordered collection."@en
dcterms:Size or Duration"A dimension or extent, or a time taken to play or execute."@en-US
dcterms:Standard"A basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated."@en-US
rdf:Statement"The class of RDF statements."
owl:SymmetricProperty"The class of symmetric properties."
owl:TransitiveProperty"The class of transitive properties."
rdfs:XMLLiteral"The class of XML literals."
cpack:application"An application generates a web-page for user-interaction"
cpack:component"A component generates part of an HTML page"
cpack:file"File in a package"
cpack:file reference"Symbolic file reference as found in Prolog source files"
cpack:library"A library returns results as Prolog terms"
cpack:package"A ClioPatria installable package"
cpack:profile"Profile for installing and creating CPACKs"
cpack:schema"Set of RDF/OWL files, often with Prolog prefixes"
cpack:skin"Define (page) layout"
cpack:submitter"Submitter of a CPACK"