Table for the 17 triples for predicate rdfs:comment with domain owl:Class

foaf:Agent"An agent (eg. person, group, software or physical artifact)."
rdfs:Class"The class of classes."
rdfs:Class"The concept of Class"
foaf:Document"A document."
foaf:Group"A class of Agents."
foaf:Image"An image."
foaf:Label Property"A foaf:LabelProperty is any RDF property with texual values that serve as labels."
owl:Nothing"This is the empty class."
foaf:Online Account"An online account."
foaf:Online Chat Account"An online chat account."
foaf:Online E-commerce Account"An online e-commerce account."
foaf:Online Gaming Account"An online gaming account."
foaf:Organization"An organization."
foaf:Person"A person."
foaf:PersonalProfileDocument"A personal profile RDF document."
foaf:Project"A project (a collective endeavour of some kind)."
owl:Thing"The class of OWL individuals."