Table for the 53 triples for predicate rdfs:comment with domain owl:DatatypeProperty

foaf:AIM chat ID"An AIM chat ID"
foaf:DNA checksum"A checksum for the DNA of some thing. Joke."
foaf:Given name"The given name of some person."
foaf:Given name"The given name of some person."
foaf:ICQ chat ID"An ICQ chat ID"
foaf:MSN chat ID"An MSN chat ID"
cpack:Prolog module"Prolog module defined in the file"
foaf:Skype ID"A Skype ID"
foaf:Surname"The surname of some person."
cpack:URL template"Template URL holding a @VAR@ string"
foaf:Yahoo chat ID"A Yahoo chat ID"
foaf:account name"Indicates the name (identifier) associated with this online account."
foaf:age"The age in years of some agent."
cpack:base"Name of the file without path or extension"
foaf:birthday"The birthday of this Agent, represented in mm-dd string form, eg. '12-31'."
owl:bottomDataProperty"The data property that does not relate any individual to any data value."
cpack:branch"Branch in the repository"
cpack:conflicts"Cannot work together with token"
cpack:description"Short description of the package"
cpack:exported predicate"Predicate indicator of an exported predicate"
foaf:familyName"The family name of some person."
foaf:family_name"The family name of some person."
cpack:fetch repository template"This template is used to setup the default primary repository of a package. The string @CPACK@ is replaced by the name of the package being created"
foaf:firstName"The first name of a person."
foaf:geekcode"A textual geekcode for this person, see"
foaf:gender"The gender of this Agent (typically but not necessarily 'male' or 'female')."
cpack:hash"World-wide unique identifier of a version"
cpack:ignored"File must be excluded from cross-referencing"
foaf:jabber ID"A jabber ID for something."
cpack:last modified"Last modification stamp"
foaf:lastName"The last name of a person."
foaf:myersBriggs"A Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality classification."
foaf:name"A name for some thing."
foaf:nickname"A short informal nickname characterising an agent (includes login identifiers, IRC and other chat nicknames)."
cpack:path"Full path of a file in a package"
foaf:plan"A .plan comment, in the tradition of finger and '.plan' files."
cpack:provides"Token(s) provided by this package"
cpack:public predicate"Predicate indicator of a public predicate"
cpack:push repository template"This template is used to setup an origin for a created pack"
cpack:requires"Required token"
cpack:requires predicate"Predicate indicator of non-local predicate"
foaf:sha1sum (hex)"A sha1sum hash, in hex."
foaf:sha1sum of a personal mailbox URI name"The sha1sum of the URI of an Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the first owner of the mailbox."
cpack:size"Size of the file in bytes"
foaf:status"A string expressing what the user is happy for the general public (normally) to know about their current activity."
cpack:submitted at"Data of submission"
cpack:suggests"Packages that are often used together"
cpack:tag"Tag (label) in the repository"
foaf:title"Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr. etc)"
owl:topDataProperty"The data property that relates every individual to every data value."
cpack:uses package file"Reference to a used file from a package"
cpack:uses prolog file"Reference to a used ClioPatria file"
cpack:uses prolog file"Reference to a used Prolog system file"