Downloading ClioPatria

ClioPatria can be downloaded using the GIT version control system only. Why? Because ClioPatria's package manager CPACK is based on GIT, so you need GIT anyway.

Step one, get GIT

You probably already have GIT. Otherwise go to its home.

Step two, get SWI-Prolog

Download and install SWI-Prolog. Most of the time, the development version of SWI-Prolog is your safest choice to enjoy all features.

alert.gif In particular, binary packages provided by most Linux distributions are often too far behind. We advice to install the latest development version from source. It you run Ubuntu, we provide PPAs for releases.

Step three, download ClioPatria

With GIT installed, this is simple. Open a terminal in the right directory and run the command below, which creates a directory ClioPatria in the current directory.

% git clone
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