Submitting a CPACK

A CPACK is uploaded by making its publically accessible GIT repository known to a CPACK repository server, e.g., Submitting or upgrading a pack requires you to logged on. This is done using the form accessible through CPACK/Submit pack. Optionally, you may direct the server to a specific branch.

The repository server clones (using git clone --mirror) your repository and makes the mirror available though the git:// protocol. In addition, it performs the following steps:

  1. Fetch the metadata from <pack>/rdf/cpack/<pack>.ttl, which must be a valid RDF/Turtle file. Details on this file are in metadata.
  2. Perform a cross-reference analysis on all Prolog (*.pl) files. This analysis tries to find possible issues with the package:
    • Files using the same module as used by some other file. Such files cannot be loaded together, so the packages are reported as conflicting.
    • Files appearing in the same location as files from other packages. This makes file-search ambiguous and is again reported as a conflict.
    • Validate that all file referenced can be resolved, either by the package itself, another package (a dependency), ClioPatria or the Prolog libraries.
    • Validate that all predicate calls can be resolved, either from the files themselves, one of the imported files or Prolog.
    • Validate that imports from different files to not try to import the same predicate into the same module.

    If any problem is found, the package is flagged with an `alert' icon and the package page provides additional information on the conflict. Please try to resolve the conflict and upgrade the affected packages.