PublicShow -- The SWISH collaboration backbone

We have three levels of identity as enumerated below. Note that these form a hierarchy: a particular user may be logged on using multiple browsers which in turn may have multiple SWISH windows opened.

  1. Any open SWISH window has an associated websocket, represented by the identifier returned by hub_add/3.
  2. Any browser, possibly having multiple open SWISH windows, is identified by a session cookie.
  3. The user may be logged in, either based on the cookie or on HTTP authentication.
Source chat_broadcast(+Message) is det
Source chat_broadcast(+Message, +Channel) is det
Send Message to all known SWISH clients. Message is a valid JSON object, i.e., a dict or option list.
Channel- is either an atom or a term Channel/SubChannel, where both Channel and SubChannel are atoms.
Source chat_about(+DocID, +Message) is det
Distribute a chat message about DocID.
Source chat_to_profile(ProfileID, :HTML) is det
Send a HTML notification to users logged in using ProfileID.
Source notifications(+Options)//
The chat element is added to the navbar and managed by web/js/chat.js
Source broadcast_bell(+Options)//
Adds a bell to indicate central chat messages

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source chat_broadcast(Arg1, Arg2)