PublicShow -- Make HTTP locations known to JSON code

Source swish_reply_config(+Request, +Options) is semidet
Emit a configuration object to the client if the client requests for '.../swish_config.json', regardless of the path prefix.
Source swish_config_hash(-Hash, +Options) is det
True if Hash is the SHA1 of the SWISH config.
Source config(-Key, -Value) is nondet[multifile]
Source swish_config(-Key, -Value) is nondet[multifile]
Define a name/value pair that will end up in the SWISH config object (see web/js/config.js)
Source login_item(-Server, -Item) is nondet[multifile]
This hook is called to find all possible login options. It should bind Item to an HTML description for html//1 that must be clicked to login with this option. The item may have the following HTML attributes:
This must be present and provides the first argument for the login/2 hook.
The login is realised in a popup to avoid reloading the current swish page. If Style is popup, a browser popup window is used. This is necessary for identity providers that refuse to open inside a frame. The default is iframe, which handles the login inside an iframe element in a modal popup.

The Item is often an image. The image must have a class login-with. Below is an example to login with Google:

swish_config:login_item(Item) :-
    http_absolute_location(icons('social_google_box.png'), Img, []),
    Item = img([ src(Img),
                 title('Login with Google')
Item- may be of the form Tag-Item. In this case the items are ordered by Tag. The default tag is 0.
Source login(+Server, +Request) is det[multifile]
If a login item with 'data-server'(+Server) is clicked, the HTTP handler with id login is called. This handler figures the selected login server and calls this hook.
Source user_info(+Request, -Server, -UserInfo:dict) is semidet[multifile]
Each login facility must provide this hook. The hook should succeed if-and-only-if the user is logged in using this facility and the hook must bind UserInfo with a dict that contains the following fields:
User name (id) if the logged in user.
Common name of the logged in user.
Email address of the logged in user.
If present, URL is used to indicate the currently logged in user.
Authentication method used. Currently one of basic, digest or oauth2.
URL that must be used to logout. Needed if auth_method is not one of the HTTP authentication methods (basic or digest).

If this hook fails the user is not logged in.

Source source_alias(?Alias, ?Options) is nondet[multifile]
Multifile hook that defines properties of file_search_path/2 aliases wrt. storage handling. Defined options are:
One of read or both.
The New Tab search form searches in files that satisfy the given pattern in the matching directories. Pattern is handed to expand_file_name/2.

Re-exported predicates

The following predicates are exported from this file while their implementation is defined in imported modules or non-module files loaded by this module.

Source config(-Key, -Value) is nondet
Source swish_config(-Key, -Value) is nondet
Define a name/value pair that will end up in the SWISH config object (see web/js/config.js)