PublicShow -- Support :- include(File) from SWISH

This module allows SWISH programs to include other programs from the shared gitty store. It realises this using the following steps:

We allow for hierarchical and circular includes.

Source include(+File, +Options)
Include file at a specific version. Supported options:
Include version Version of File, where Version is a gitty commit of the file. This is the same as :- include(Version)., but more explicit.

If the same file is included at two places it is included at most once. Additionally

  • If neither is versioned the most recent version is included.
  • If two versions resolve to the same content hash, this is included.
  • If a specific version is included, subsequent unspecified includes are ignored. A subsequent incompatibly versioned include results in an error.

The envisioned model is that we can specify which version is, possibly indirectly, included by using directives like this:

:- include(File, [version(Hash)]).
Source prolog:xref_source_identifier(+Src, -Id) is semidet[multifile]
prolog:xref_open_source(+File, -Stream) is det[multifile]
prolog:xref_source_time(+File, -Modified) is det[multifile]
Map swish://file to a file from the gitty store.
Source prolog:xref_source_file(+Term, -Path, +Options)[multifile]
Deal with the above expansion for :- include(program) to support the cross-referencer.