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Source $recover_and_rethrow(:Goal, +Term)
This goal is used to wrap the catch/3 recover handler if the exception is not supposed to be `catchable'. An example of an uncachable exception is '$aborted', used by abort/0. Note that we cut to ensure that the exception is not delayed forever because the recover handler leaves a choicepoint.
Source $clear_source_admin(+File) is det
Removes source adminstration related to File
See also
- Called from destroySourceFile() in pl-proc.c
Source $undefined_procedure(+Module, +Name, +Arity, -Action) is det
This predicate is called from C on undefined predicates. First allows the user to take care of it using exception/3. Else try to give a DWIM warning. Otherwise fail. C will print an error message.
Source user:prolog_file_type(?Extension, ?Type)[multifile]
Define type of file based on the extension. This is used by absolute_file_name/3 and may be used to extend the list of extensions used for some type.

Note that qlf must be last when searching for Prolog files. Otherwise use_module/1 will consider the file as not-loaded because the .qlf file is not the loaded file. Must be fixed elsewhere.

Source $translated_source(+Old, +New) is det
Called from loading a QLF state when source files are being renamed.
Source $store_clause(+Term, +Id) is det
This interface is used by PlDoc (and who knows). Kept for to avoid compatibility issues.
Called every N inferences of the Prolog flag heartbeat is non-zero.
Source $load_additional_boot_files is det
Called from compileFileList() in pl-wic.c. Gets the files from "-c file ..." and loads them into the module user.