Prolog files  -- Berkeley DB interfaceShow source
bdb_close/1Close BerkeleyDB database indicated by DB.Source
bdb_close_environment/1Close a database environment that was explicitly created using bdb_init/2.Source
bdb_closeall/0Close all currently open databases and environments.Source
bdb_current/1True when DB is a handle to a currently open database.Source
bdb_current_environment/1True when Environment is a currently known environment.Source
bdb_del/3Delete the first matching key-value pair from the database.Source
bdb_delall/3Delete all matching key-value pairs from the database.Source
bdb_enum/3Enumerate the whole database, unifying the key-value pairs to Key and Value.Source
bdb_environment_property/2True when Property is a property of Environment.Source
bdb_get/3Query the database.Source
bdb_getall/3Get all values associated with Key.Source
bdb_init/1Initialise a DB environment.Source
bdb_init/2Initialise a DB environment.Source
bdb_open/4Open File holding a database.Source
bdb_put/3Add a new key-value pair to the database.Source
bdb_transaction/1Start a transaction, execute Goal and terminate the transaction.Source
bdb_transaction/2Start a transaction, execute Goal and terminate the transaction.Source
bdb_version/1True when Version identifies the database version.Source