PublicShow -- HTML quasi quotations

This module implements quasi quotations for HTML. Together with library(http/html_write), this allows for inclusion of long HTML fragments in the Prolog source code while replacing attributes and content with variable that come from the surrounding Prolog clause.

This module is included and re-exported from library(http/html_write).

See also
- library(http/js_write) provides quasi quotation for JavaScript.
Source html(+Content, +Vars, +VarDict, -DOM) is det
The predicate html/4 implements HTML quasi quotations. These quotations produce a DOM term that is suitable for html//1 and other predicates that are declared to consume this format. The quasi quoter only accepts valid, but possibly partial HTML documents. The document must begin with a tag. The quoter replaces attributes or content whose value is a Prolog variable that appears in the argument list of the html indicator. If the variable defines content, it must be the only content. Here is an example, replacing both a content element and an attribute. Note that the document is valid HTML.
  html({|html(Name, URL)||
         <p>Dear <span class="name">Name</span>,

         <p>You can <a href="URL">download</a> the requested
         article now.