Source term_to_json(+Term, +Bindings, -JsonTerm) is det
Source term_to_json(+Term, -JsonTerm) is det
Convert any general Prolog term into a JSON term. Prolog lists are treated in a special way. Also, JSON terms are not converted. Mapping:
  • Variable: {"type":"var", "name":<string>}
  • Atom: {"type":"atom", "value":<string>}
  • Integer: {"type":"integer", "value":<integer>}
  • Float: {"type":"float", "value":<float>}
  • List: JSON array
  • Dict: a JSON object. Values are processed recursively. (the tag is ignored)
  • json([Key=Value, ...]): a JSON object Values are processed recursively.
  • compound: {"type":"compound", "functor":<string>, "args":<array>}
Bindings- is a list of Name=Var terms for variables that get their name from the environment.