PublicShow -- System utilities

This module provides some tools to deal with system predicates. System predicates cannot be traced or redefined.

- Use :- set_prolog_flag(generate_debug_info, false) to hide predicate internals from the tracer.
To be done
- Move this functionality to prolog flags.
Source system_mode(+Boolean) is det
Switch the system into system or user mode. When in system mode, system predicates loose most of their special properties, so it becomes possible to trace and even redefine them.
- New code should use the prolog flag access_level.
Source system_module
Any predicate defined after this declaraction uptil the end of the file will become a system predicate. Normally invoked by a directive immediately following the module declaration.
Source lock_predicate(+PredInd)
Transform a predicate into a system predicate.
Source unlock_predicate(+PredInd)
Transform a system predicate into a normal system predicate.