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This library sets up the menu of swipl-win.exe. It is called from the system initialisation file plwin-win.rc, predicate gui_setup_/0.

Source init_win_app[private]
If Prolog is started using --win_app, try to change directory to <My Documents>\Prolog.
Called when opening a file from the MacOS finder. The action depends on whether this is the first file or not, and defined by one of these flags:
  • app_open_first defines the action for the first open event
  • app_open defines the action for subsequent open event

On the first open event, the working directory of the process is changed to the directory holding the file. Action is one of the following:

Load the file into Prolog
Open the file in the editor
Open the file in a new instance of Prolog and load it there.
Source go_home_on_plain_app_start is det[private]
On Apple, we start in the users home dir if the application is started by opening the app directly.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source init_win_menus