ClioPatria APIs

An API is an HTTP handler with accompagnying predicate, but unlike applications (see ../applications), APIs are targetted on machine-to-machine interaction. The response-type from an API is typically either XML or JSON.

The choice between XML and JSON is sometimes described by standards. JSON is often the preferred format if the intended client is a web-browser (using AJAX interaction).

Prolog files  -- Export data from the serverShow source  -- RDF DB journal-APIShow source
json.plShow source  -- LOD - Linked Open Data serverShow source
lod_api/2Reply to a Linked Data request.Source
triple_in/5Lookup a triple in the graph RDF, represented as a list of rdf(S,P,O).Source
lod_crawler.plShow source
lod_uri_graph/2Determine the graph in which to dump LOD from URI.Source  -- Provide pengines Prolog and JavaScript APIShow source  -- Provide access to the ontology libraryShow source
library_ontology/1True if Name is the name of an ontology from the library.Source
sesame.plShow source
sparql.plShow source  -- Void vocabulary description of the serverShow source