PublicShow -- Forms for entering SPARQL and SeRQL queries.

This module implements the forms for entering SPARQL and SeRQL queries with a simple query-history mechanism for user-submitted SPARQL queries.

Source query_form(+Options)//
HTMP component for an interactive (SPARQL) query-form. This calls to the handler with id evaluate_query. Options is an option list:
Query languages supported. Default is ['SPARQL', 'SeRQL']. Specifying only one removes the query-language menu.
Source store_recall(+Type, +ColsSpec)// is det
Creates a table-row (tr) holding a `store' and `recall' element. ColsSpec is a term SpanLeft-SpanRight, containing the colspan-attribute for both created table-cells. Note that a page including this must also include query_script//0 at a place later in the page where a script is allowed.
Source query_script//
Inserts the <script> holding JavaScript functions that restore the queries.
To be done
- This must be rewritten to use the post/receive mechanism.
Source store_query(+Type, +Name, +Query) is det
Store the SPARQL/SeRQL Query under Name in the current session. Succeeds without doing anything if there is no session.