PublicShow -- ClioPatria hooks

This module declares the hooks an application may define to extend or modify some of ClioPatria's behaviour. Hooks are multifile defined predicates that -typically- have no default definition. Code using the hook typically first calls the hook. If the hook succeeds the task is considered done. Otherwise some default action is performed. For example, a property myprefix:componentName can be added as a property that provides a label using this code:

:- use_module(cliopatria(hooks)).


The example below adds an item to Help popup of ClioPatria:

:- use_module(cliopatria(hooks)).
:- use_module(library(http/http_dispatch)).

cliopatria:menu_item(help/about, 'About').

:- http_handler(root(about), about, []).

about(Request) :-
    <generate the about page>