PublicShow -- User administration

Core user administration. The user administration is based on the following:

See also
- implements user preferences
- implements OpenID server and client
Source set_user_database(+File) is det
Load user/2 from File. Changes are fully synchronous.
Source user_add(+Name, +Properties) is det
Add a new user with given properties.
Source user_del(+Name)
Delete named user from user-database.
Source set_user_property(+Name, +Property) is det
Replace Property for user Name.
Source openid_add_server(+Server, +Options)
Register an OpenID server.
Source openid_del_server(+Server)
Delete registration of an OpenID server.
Source openid_set_property(+Server, +Property) is det
Replace Property for OpenID Server
Source openid_current_server(?Server) is nondet
Source openid_server_properties(+Server, -Properties) is semidet
Try find properties for the given server. Note that we generally refer to a server using its domain. The actual server may be a path on the server or a machine in the domain.
Source openid_server_property(+Server, +Property) is semidet
openid_server_property(+Server, -Property) is nondet
True if OpenID Server has Property.
See also
- openid_server_properties/2.
Source current_user(?User)
True if User is a registered user.
Source user_property(?User, ?Property) is nondet
user_property(+User, +Property) is semidet
True if Property is a defined property on User. In addition to properties explicitely stored with users, we define:
connection(LoginTime, Idle)
Generates reference to our own OpenID server for local login
Refers to the official OpenID (possibly delegated)
Refers to the OpenID server that validated the login
Source validate_password(+User, +Password)
Validate the password for the given user and password.
Source password_hash(+Password, ?Hash)
Generate a hash from a password or test a password against a hash. Uses crypt/2. The default hashing is Unix-compatible MD5.
Source logged_on(-User) is semidet
True if User is the name of the currently logged in user.
Source logged_on(-User, +Default) is det
Get the current user or unify User with Default. Typically, Default is anonymous.
Source ensure_logged_on(-User)
Make sure we are logged in and return the current user. See openid_user/3 for details.
Source authorized(+Action) is det
validate the current user is allowed to perform Action. Throws a permission error if this is not the case. Never fails.
- permission_error(http_location, access, Path)
Source check_permission(+User, +Operation)
Validate that user is allowed to perform Operation.
- permission_error(http_location, access, Path)
Source deny_all_users(+Term)
Deny some action to all users. See above.
Source login(+User:atom) is det
Accept user as a user that has logged on into the current session.
Source logout(+User) is det
Logout the specified user

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source login(Arg1, Arg2)