Overview of ClioPatria

ClioPatria is an extension of the SWI-Prolog RDF infratructure (`semweb' package) that provides you with a ready-to-run web-server that can be extended into a full-fledged Semantic Web application. The semweb package provides reading and writing RDF (XML and Turtle), storage and querying by means of rdf(Subject, Predicate, Object). ClioPatria adds the following:

A SPARQL server
This processes HTTP SPARQL requests. The server also includes support for SeRQL and the Sesame (rdf4j.org) HTTP protocol.
Reasoning libraries
Called entailment modules. See entailment/README.txt
User administration
Create users, provide OpenID services, use external OpenID authorization and connect users to right-tokens.
A web-based developers front-end
This provides browsing the RDF, loading and unloading graphs, testing queries interactively, browsing the documentation of HTTP services and source-code.
Web-page generation components
Server-side components to render an RDF resource or literals with a link to the development UI, render simple graphs, etc.
Additional libraries
These are additional components to the http and semweb libraries that may become part of SWI-Prolog in the future. Examples are lib/semweb/rdf_optimise.pl to optimise rdf-control-structures and lib/semweb/rdf_abstract.pl to transform graphs represented as rdf(S,P,O) terms.