Loading RDF into ClioPatria

The RDF store of ClioPatria is initially empty. There are many ways to load RDF.

  1. Login and use the actions from the Repository menu to manage the database.
  2. Load them from the Prolog command line using rdf_load/1. If you wish to use this route frequently, it is advised to activate config-available/debug.pl to make the core RDF library available from the toplevel. See the installation instructions. Then continue with e.g.,
    ?- rdf_load('myfile.rdf').
    ?- rdf_load('http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core').

    By default, the system understands XML/RDF and Turtle and can load from local files and HTTP servers. The plugin mechanism of library(semweb/rdf_db) can be used to extend the formats that are understood and the locations from which they can be loaded. In particular, activating the config-available/zlib.pl config skeleton allows loading from compressed data sources.

    ?- rdf_load('myfile.rdf.gz').
  3. Add the locations to the library manager and load them either through the menu Repository/Load from library or rdf_load_library/1. ClioPatria comes with a default library in the directory ontologies. See ontologies/README.txt. The file config-available/ontopath.pl provides a configuration skeleton.

    Details of the library structure are described in the SWI-Prolog documentation for the semweb package, in the section named Managing RDF input files

See also
- After loading, you probably want to explore the result.
To be done
- Spidering LOD sources is not yet provided.