About ClioPatria versions

ClioPatria was started as part of MultimediaN Eculture Project. This version was an integral part of the MultimediaN E-Culture Demonstrator that won first prize as semantic web application at ISWC 2006. We call that version one.

GnuEmacsIconOrig.png Later, the application specific code was abstracted a bit, allowing to skin the application and put other data into it. This version still uses the `kitchen-sink model', which makes it almost inacessible for anyone but its developers. We call that version two.

The current version is fairly lean, which should make it more versatile and accessible. It can be extended using packages. The package system is called CPACK (ClioPatria Package). This version will be version three. It is not really there, but we call the current version 2.9 to prepare the transition. Here are the main plans before we will call it 3.0:

From now on, we will try to keep ClioPatria stable, lean and backward compatible.