An Linked Open Piracy tutorial

This tutorial explains the basics of installing ClioPatria and applying it to analyze RDF data and write a small web-service.

  1. Preparations for the pirates demo
  2. Load and explore the pirate data
  3. Query the pirate data with Prolog
  4. Pack your queries as Prolog predicates
  5. Serve a web-page
  6. More exercises

Further reading

The pirates domain is a geospatial domain. To keep this tutorial simple and considering the size of the dataset, we use naive Prolog generate-and-test for answering queries. In realistic settings one needs proper spatial indexing. This is implemented in the space pachkage

An LOP demo is online


We are grateful to the Poseidon project for making the RDF data available. Willem Robert van Hage convinced me using this data. This material was used in guest lecture by Frank van Harmelen and Jan Wielemaker, part of a Prolog course at the VU organised by Stefan Schlobach and Annette ten Teije.

See also
- The ClioPatria whitepaper