PublicShow -- The Snowball multi-lingual stemmer library

This module encapsulates "The C version of the libstemmer library" from the Snowball project. This library provides stemmers in a variety of languages. The interface to this library is very simple:

Here is an example:

?- snowball(english, walking, S).
S = walk.
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Source snowball(+Algorithm, +Input, -Stem) is det
Apply the Snowball Algorithm on Input and unify the result (an atom) with Stem.

The implementation maintains a cache of stemmers for each thread that accesses snowball/3, providing high-perfomance and thread-safety without locking.

Algorithm- is the (english) name for desired algorithm or an 2 or 3 letter ISO 639 language code.
Input- is the word to be stemmed. It is either an atom, string or list of chars/codes. The library accepts Unicode characters. Input must be lowercase. See downcase_atom/2.
- domain_error(snowball_algorithm, Algorithm)
- type_error(atom, Algorithm)
- type_error(text, Input)
Source snowball_current_algorithm(?Algorithm) is nondet
True if Algorithm is the official name of an algorithm suported by snowball/3. The predicate is semidet if Algorithm is given.