Source odbc_current_connection(?Conn, ?DSN) is nondet
True if Conn is an open ODBC connection to DSN.
Source odbc_driver_connect(+DriverString, -Connection, +Options) is det
Connects to a database using SQLDriverConnect(). This API allows for driver-specific additional options. DriverString is passed without checking. Options should not include user and password.

Whenever possible, applications should use odbc_connect/3. If you need this predicate, please check the documentation for SQLDriverConnect() and the documentation of your driver.

To be done
- Add facilities to deal with prompted completion of the driver options.
Source odbc_query(+Connection, +SQL, -Row)
Run query without options.
Source odbc_query(+Connection, +SQL)
Execute SQL-statement that does not produce a result
Source odbc_current_table(-Table, -Facet)
Enumerate the existing tables.
Source odbc_table_column(+Connection, +Table, +Column) is semidet
odbc_table_column(+Connection, +Table, -Column) is nondet
True if Column appears in Table on Connection.
Source odbc_table_column(+Connection, +Table, ?Column, -Facet)
Source odbc_type(+Connection, +TypeSpec, ?Facet)
Source odbc_data_source(?DSN, ?Description)
Enumerate the available data-sources
Source odbc_table_primary_key(+Connection, +Table, ?Column)
Enumerate columns in primary key for table
Source odbc_table_foreign_key(+Connection, ?PkTable, ?PkCol, ?FkTable, ?FkCol)
Enumerate foreign keys columns

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source odbc_set_option(Arg1)
Source odbc_statistics(Arg1)
Source odbc_free_statement(Arg1)
Source odbc_current_table(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3)
Source odbc_clone_statement(Arg1, Arg2)
Source odbc_next_result_set(Arg1)
Source odbc_fetch(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3)
Source odbc_close_statement(Arg1)
Source odbc_query(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)
Source odbc_execute(Arg1, Arg2)
Source odbc_execute(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3)
Source odbc_debug(Arg1)
Source odbc_prepare(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)
Source odbc_end_transaction(Arg1, Arg2)
Source odbc_disconnect(Arg1)
Source odbc_set_connection(Arg1, Arg2)
Source odbc_get_connection(Arg1, Arg2)
Source odbc_connect(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3)
Source odbc_prepare(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4, Arg5)
Source odbc_cancel_thread(Arg1)