Availability::- use_module(library(semweb/rdf_db)).
 rdf_update_duplicates is det
Update the duplicate administration of the RDF store. This marks every triple that is potentionally a duplicate of another as duplicate. Being potentially a duplicate means that subject, predicate and object are equivalent and the life-times of the two triples overlap.

The duplicates marks are used to reduce the administrative load of avoiding duplicate answers. Normally, the duplicates are marked using a background thread that is started on the first query that produces a substantial amount of duplicates.

 rdf_update_duplicates is det
Update the duplicate administration. If this adminstration is up-to-date, each triples that may have a duplicate is flagged. The predicate rdf/3 uses this administration to speedup checking for duplicate answers.

This predicate is normally executed from a background thread named =__rdf_duplicate_detecter= which is created when a query discovers that checking for duplicates becomes too expensive.