config(-Key, -Value) is nondet
 swish_config(-Key, -Value) is nondet
Define a name/value pair that will end up in the SWISH config object (see web/js/config.js)
 swish_config:config(-Name, -Profiles) is det
Provides the object config.swish.profiles, a JSON object that provides the available profiles.
 swish_config:config(-Name, -Styles) is nondet
Provides the object, a JSON object that maps style properties of user-defined extensions of library(prolog_colour). This info is used by the server-side colour engine to populate the CodeMirror styles.
To be done
- Provide summary information
 swish_config:config(-Name, -Styles) is det
Provides the object config.swish.templates, a JSON object that provides the templates for hinting in CodeMirror.
 swish_config:config(?Config, ?Value) is nondet
All solutions of this predicate are available in the JavaScript object config.swish.config. Config must be an atom that is also a valid JavaScript identifier. Value must be a value that is valid for json_write_dict/2. Defined config parameters:
If true, show the Beware modal dialog on startup
If true, check the table results checkbox by default.
Name of the Pengine application.
CSV output formats offered. For example, ClioPatria defines this as [rdf,prolog]. The first element is default.
Allow marking saved programs as example. If marked, the programs are added to the Examples menu.
If lib/ is loaded and this flag is true, all access to SWISH demands authentication. If false, only running queries and saving files is restricted. Note that this flag has no effect if no authentication module is loaded.
Alias for searching files for `:- include(Alias(Name)).`
Ping pengine status every N seconds. Updates sparkline chart with stack usage.
Dict holding options for notebooks:
Whether or not to evaluate JavaScript in cells
Whether or not to start in fullscreen mode by default
Dict holding options for fullscreen mode:
  • hide_navbar: hide the navigation bar when in fullscreen mode.
Activate the chat interface
Initial query for the source search in an empty tab

These config options are commonly overruled using one of the configuration files. See config-available and config-enabled directories.

The defaults below are for small installations. See config-available/ for a default config for large communities.