typeahead(+Type, +Query, -Match, +Options:dict) is nondet[multifile, wordlist(search)]
Find typeahead suggestions for a specific search category (Type). This oredicate is a multifile predicate, which allows for adding new search targets. The default implementation offers:
Searches for built-in and configured library predicates
Searches all loaded source files.
To be done
- : Limit number of hits?
 swish_search:typeahead(+Set, +Query, -Match, +Options) is nondet[multifile, wordlist(storage)]
Find files using typeahead from the SWISH search box. This version defines the following sets:
  • file: Search the store for matching file names, matching tag or title.
  • store_content: Search the content of the store for matching lines.
To be done
- caching?
- We should only demand public on public servers.
 swish_search:typeahead(+Set, +Query, -Match, +Options) is nondet[multifile, wordlist(plugin/profile)]
Find users based on their profile. This handler defines the set user. A Match is a dict holding:
A reasonable name for the user
Only present if the match was found on the email.
hit:hit{key:Key, value:Value}
Field key and value on which the hit was found
Avatar URL