Table for the 58 triples for predicate rdfs:comment with domain owl:ObjectProperty

cpack:CPACK mirror repository"Our mirror of the repository"
cpack:GIT URL"URL to clone the repository using git"
cpack:SCM URL"URL to download/clone the repository"
foaf:account"Indicates an account held by this agent."
foaf:account"Indicates an account held by this agent."
foaf:account service homepage"Indicates a homepage of the service provide for this online account."
cpack:author"Author of the package"
cpack:author"Default author for new packages"
foaf:based near"A location that something is based near, for some broadly human notion of near."
owl:bottomObjectProperty"The object property that does not relate any two individuals."
cpack:browse repository URL"URL to examine the repository with a browser"
foaf:current project"A current project this person works on."
foaf:depiction"A depiction of some thing."
foaf:depicts"A thing depicted in this representation."
cpack:foaf data"Location from which to collect FOAF data"
foaf:focus"The underlying or 'focal' entity associated with some SKOS-described concept."
foaf:funded by"An organization funding a project or person."
cpack:home"URL of the project home page"
foaf:homepage"A homepage for some thing."
foaf:image"An image that can be used to represent some thing (ie. those depictions which are particularly representative of something, eg. one's photo on a homepage)."
cpack:in pack"Places a file inside a package"
foaf:interest"A page about a topic of interest to this person."
foaf:knows"A person known by this person (indicating some level of reciprocated interaction between the parties)."
foaf:logo"A logo representing some thing."
foaf:made"Something that was made by this agent."
cpack:maintainer"Official maintainer of the package"
foaf:maker"An agent that made this thing."
foaf:member"Indicates a member of a Group"
foaf:openid"An OpenID for an Agent."
cpack:original repository"Repository from which we cloned"
foaf:page"A page or document about this thing."
foaf:past project"A project this person has previously worked on."
foaf:personal mailbox"A personal mailbox, ie. an Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the first owner of this mailbox. This is a 'static inverse functional property', in that there is (across time and change) at most one individual that ever has any particular value for foaf:mbox."
foaf:phone"A phone, specified using fully qualified tel: URI scheme (refs:"
cpack:primary repository"Main repository for the software"
foaf:primary topic"The primary topic of some page or document."
foaf:publications"A link to the publications of this person."
cpack:repository"Repository where software can be found"
cpack:requires"Inferred package dependency"
cpack:requires (file)"File import/export based package dependency"
cpack:requires (token)"Token-based package dependency"
cpack:resolves"File can be located through FileRef"
cpack:resolves as"FileRef can be resolved by the given File"
foaf:schoolHomepage"A homepage of a school attended by the person."
cpack:screen shot"URL holding a screenshot"
cpack:servers"List of servers from which to fetch packages"
cpack:submitted"submitted package"
cpack:submitted by"Person that submitted a pack"
foaf:theme"A theme."
foaf:thumbnail"A derived thumbnail image."
foaf:tipjar"A tipjar document for this agent, describing means for payment and reward."
owl:topObjectProperty"The object property that relates every two individuals."
foaf:topic"A topic of some page or document."
foaf:topic_interest"A thing of interest to this person."
cpack:uses file"Reference to a file used by this file"
foaf:weblog"A weblog of some thing (whether person, group, company etc.)."
foaf:work info homepage"A work info homepage of some person; a page about their work for some organization."
foaf:workplace homepage"A workplace homepage of some person; the homepage of an organization they work for."