Source isearch_page(+Options, +Request)
HTTP handler for the interactive search application. Options:
Class that defines targets.
One of literal or a type for rdf_find_literals/2. Default is case.
If false, omit the header that provides the search-field.
Source http:convert_parameter(+Type, +Text, -Value) is semidet[multifile]
Convert for Type = json using json_to_prolog/2.
Source isearch_field(+Query, +Class)//
Component that provides the initial search field for the interactive search application.
 cliopatria:format_search_result(+Resource, +Query, +Graph)//[multifile]
Emit HTML for the presentation of Resource as a search result.
See also
- This hook is used by result_item//3.
 cliopatria:search_pattern(+Start, -Result, -Graph) is nondet[multifile]
True when the resource Result is a search-result for Start and Graph is a list of rdf(S,P,O) triples that justify this.