PublicShow -- Noble Avatar generator

This library generates random avatar images from components. The file locations of the library are defined by file_search_path/2 rules for noble_avatar_components (the components) and noble_avatar for the generated avatars.

The probalities for the various components are specified in part/1.

Credits and license

The component images can be downloaded from the address below. The images are licensed under CC-BY-3.0. If you use this library with these images, please include the following acknowledgements:

  1. Credit Noble Master Games as follows (linking is optional): "Avatar graphics created by Noble Master Games" and link to
  2. Credit the artist "Liea" as follows (optional): "Avatar graphics designed by Mei-Li Nieuwland" and link to
See also
Source noble_avatar(?Gender, -File) is det
Source noble_avatar(?Gender, -File, ?New) is det
True when File is the image file name for a generated avatar of Gender. If Gender is unspecified, it is generated randomly.
New- is a boolean that indicates whether the avatar is newly generated (true) or we re-generated an existing one (false). It may be specified as true to force generating a new avatar. Previously generated avatars can be queried using existing_noble_avatar/2.
Source create_avatar(+PNG, -Image) is det
(Re-)create avatar with basename PNG.
Source existing_noble_avatar(-Gender, -Image) is nondet
True when Image is the image file of a previously generated avatar of Gender.