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This library supports both typeahead of the search box and the actual search from the server side. What do we want to search for?

Source search_box(+Options)//
Render a Bootstrap search box.
Source typeahead(+Request)[private]
Support the search typeahead widget. The handler returns a JSON array of matches. Each match is an object that contains at least a label.
Source typeahead(+Type, +Query, -Match, +Options:dict) is nondet[multifile]
Find typeahead suggestions for a specific search category (Type). This oredicate is a multifile predicate, which allows for adding new search targets. The default implementation offers:
Searches for built-in and configured library predicates
Searches all loaded source files.
To be done
- : Limit number of hits?
Source match(+Line:string, +Query:string, +Options:dict) is semidet
True if Line matches Query, respecting Options.