PublicShow -- Operations on atoms

This library provides operations on atoms that are not covered by builtin predicates. The current implementation is just a start, making code developed in xpce and duplicated in various projects reusable.

Source restyle_identifier(+Style, +In, -Out) is det
Restyle an identifier by extracting the alnum substrings and joining them together according to Style.
Style- is one of 'OneTwo', oneTwo, one_two, 'One_Two' or a term style(CapitaliseFirst, CapitaliseRest, Separator).
Source identifier_parts(+Identifier, -Parts) is det
Parts is a list of atoms that make up Identifier. The parts found are turned into lowercase, unless all its characters are uppercase. E.g.,
?- identifier_parts('sourceCodeURI', X).
X = [source, code, 'URI'].
Source join_identifier_parts(+Style, +Parts, -Identifier)
Join parts of an identifier according to Style. Style is one of:
Predefined self explanatory style identifiers
style(+CapitaliseFirst, +CapitaliseRest, +Separator)
This generalises the above styles. CapitaliseFirst defines whether the first character of the first part must be a capital, CapitaliseRest defines capitalization of the remaining identifier parts and Separator is the character to place between the parts.